Guiding Questions, Activity & Resources

1) What do I already know about heritage in Brunei?
2) What else do I need to know about heritage in Brunei?
3) How will I go about collecting information on heritage in Brunei?
4) How can my skit be made more effective and impactful?
5) What information do I wish to highlight in my skit to attract my target audience to Brunei?
6) How can I extend on my skit to use it as a promotional material for ecotourism to Brunei?
7) How will my promotional material stand out from existing ones?
8) How will I go about convincing Brunei's tourism promotion board to utilize my promotional material?
9) How will I evaluate the success of my promotional material in promoting Brunei as an ecotourism destination?
10) On reflection, what further improvements can I make to the process of crafting my skit/promotional material and/or to the skit/promotional material itself (eg. format and publicizing) to increase its chances of becoming a successful ecotourism promotional material?

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