Thursday, 8 November 2012

Day 4

Day 4
Group H

Well today, was quite relaxing compared to the other 3 days. W first visited the paddy field. We finally had a chance how paddy fields are actually grown, especially in Brunei. We now realise how much time and labour that had to be put to grow the crops. We also learned the processes that are needed to be carried out before perfectly clean rice is produced. It was a new experience although we could not stand the heat. 

After that, we visited the Royal Gelaria. There, we learnt about Brunei's past and more about the events that it had experienced. We also observed artifacts that are displayed there. We now know more about Brunei's relationships with other countries. 
We then went to a museum to experience and get an insight view of how the Kain is made, silversmithing and the making of wood products such as the handles of a Kris, wooden panels, etc. That visit benefited us in a way where we now know how is the making of traditional Bruneian artifacts deeper. 

In all, today is definitely a more relaxed day, but we definitely learnt a lot from it.