Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Day 2

It was Day 2 and we re-energised ourselves with the exquisite breakfast that the hotel provided. So after that, we headed to Maktab Sains to collaborate with the students there on a project about preserving Brunei's heritage. Seeing the size of the school, SST is nothing compared to Maktab Sains. In other terms, it was huge. The students there were really friendly and we quickly got to know each other well. Soon, we were chatting away like we have met years ago.

More about the project, we were assigned to research about recreation in Brunei, and how we could preserve it for generations to come. We were to produce a 5-minute presentations from our findings on the next visit to Maktab Sains. To help us in our research and know more about the culture and heritage, we visited Kampong Ayer to experience the living conditions there and listen to the "Penghulu" meaning the head of the kampong, give a speech. Right after that, of course, we were served with food. Food, food and more food. It is part of Brunei's culture, to serve people with food. Then, we had a chance to talk to the Penghulu and explore his residence. We asked him more about recreation in the past, compared to now. We were tired out, by the time we reached the mainland. But, we still had some visits to museums to give us a deeper insight into the culture of Brunei.

At the sight of dinner, most of us immediately snapped back to life and devoured the delicious food that was provided for us. To conclude, the day was a productive but tiring, still, we thoroughly enjoyed it.