Monday, 5 November 2012

Day 1

Day 1: We had first landed on Brunei. It was quiet, calm and not at all rowdy. Although it was similar to Singapore, it is not as developed yet. It was similar, but still different at the same time. That was our first impression of the majestic country.

To start our journey, we first visited the Handicraft and Kain Tenunan centre. There is where the finest quality fabric and pieces are created. With a very meticulous process, fine and beautiful pieces are created. All of it are created by scratch, thread by thread. The making of the fabrics is extremely complicated, where the makers must do every step with razor precision. But with the hard work and determination of the creators, it is possible to produce such elegant works of art.

We also had a chance to try the local dishes here. Although the taste was quiet similar to Malay cuisine in Singapore, it was still quite unique. The flavours were a bit more merciful I might say than in Singapore where it is more spicy and makes you break a sweat. To add, the most unique part of Brunei's cuisine is the Ambuyat. It is basically sago. It also has a certain way of eating it, where we would have to use chopsticks to grab some of the Ambuyat as it is quite sticky.

The taste, well it is not that pleasant. It has not much flavour, but we had a variety of dishes to choose from to eat with the Ambuyat. So, we chose the dishes that we liked and added them. It really helped in spiking up the flavour of it, and makes it taste nice.

Well, to conclude Day 1, it was definitely a new experience and a pleasant one at that.